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      The Volare Timeless Collection represents the intricacies of the Ottoman spirit with European flare through the integration of cultures as well as classic and modern artistry. Anatolia represents the entire Asian territory of Modern Turkiye. Anatolia was exposed to a variety of different early cultures and ideas as a result of mass migrations starting from the earliest part of the Pre-Pottery Neolitic c. 9600-7000 BC period.

      This unique cultural mixing of intercultural experiences creates unending inspiration for our jewelry line. This unique time-less collection combines our styles with non-working timepieces or watches from the 1920-1970’s. Every piece is distinctive but captures the synthesis of originality. We tried to create something from nothing..no! it is not ‘nothing’ it is stones, chains, random pieces, timeless watches, but the outcome will be a wonderful surprise.

      Entrepreneur and Artist Aygul Caner started Volare almost 20 years ago as a wholesale jewelry company. Aygul studied opera at a Conservatory in Turkiye, then continued her studies and graduated from The Maryland University School of Music. The name Volare “to fly” for her design company was inspired by the many trips she made between the which gave her opportunities to grow as an artist and individual of her birth and the country which she called home. 

      Aygul began creating jewelry as a child, and her passion grew and intensified with time, evolving into her life’s work. She designs her own line and is involved in every step of the process – casting, plating her styles, and promoting fellow artists’ creativity within the Volare collection


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