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Voni Blu, we are dedicated to bringing the finest niche fragrances to our valued customers, and our latest addition is no exception. We are thrilled to introduce Ampersand Fragrances one of the most premium Eau De Parfums, a British brand that shares our commitment to the pure essence of scent. Created and developed as a response to the excessive waste and superficial packaging often seen in the fragrance industry, Ampersand Fragrances aligns perfectly with our ethos of simplicity and authenticity. With a focus on the fragrance itself and a dedication to sustainability, Ampersand Fragrances embodies everything that we stand for at Voni Blu. 

​​100% Cruelty free and 100% Vegan Amperand Fragrances are made with the most meticulous maceration process & cold filtration most commonly associated with the finest niche fragrance brands. Each bottle is hand-poured in the UK in small batches with love & care.

Image taken from Ampersand Fragrances 

Ampersand Fragrances was born out of a desire to strip away the unnecessary distractions associated with traditional fragrance marketing. The founders recognised the unfortunate trend of excessive waste and superficial packaging, which often overshadowed the true essence of scent. In response, they set out to create a brand that is solely dedicated to the fragrance experience. At Voni Blu, we resonate deeply with this philosophy, and we are proud to offer our customers the opportunity to connect with the pure essence of scent through Ampersand Fragrances.

The sustainable use of packaging by Ampersand Fragrances not only reduces environmental impact but also places a spotlight on the fragrance itself, making it the main focus. By removing excessive cellophane plastics, unrecyclable bottles and boxes, landfill lids, and plastic components, the brand prioritises simplicity and authenticity in its presentation. This minimalist approach underscores the brand's commitment to environmental stewardship while enhancing the overall product experience. At Voni Blu, we are proud to align ourselves with this eco-conscious approach, and we are excited to offer our customers fragrances that are not only pure and authentic but also mindful of the planet.

Image taken from Ampersand Fragrances 

Moreover, Ampersand Fragrances stands out for its dedication to inclusivity and emotional connection this is why their signature fragrances are unisex, letting you just decide which scent suits you best. 

Can’t decided which one is for you or buying online? Here is some information about the fragrances choose just for you*: 

  • California: We class this as our Jo Malone converter. This is a stunning light floral with Lemon & Apple top notes to give it a refreshing a modern scent. Anyone that likes a light fragrance or subtle citrus loves this. 
  • Emotion: Our modern day take on François Coty’s ‘Chypre’, this fragrance is based around a Patchouli, Cedarwood and Labdanum base. Peony and Rose notes are finished with a stunning raspberry top.
  • Iconic: This is a beautifully balanced, deep, woody Oud base with a Smokey middle. Made to be absolutely unisex, let this fragrance dry down slightly to really appreciate the complexity of the scent. Saffron, cinnamon and lemon illuminate the top to finish one of our best-selling fragrances.
  • Santorini: A luxurious fragrance that will transport you to a volcanic island in the Aegean Sea. With fresh notes of fig, green leaf, and coconut, balanced by a floral heart of jasmine, muguet, and orris, this scent is a mix of bright turquoise water and towering cliffs. The opening burst of juicy figs and tangy citrus leads to a heart of velvety violet and spicy black pepper, while the base notes of warm sandalwood and earthy patchouli add depth and complexity to this luxurious scent.
  • Unique: Grapefruit and Bergamot beneath a black pepper and woody base, this scent is the best- selling fragrance of our collection. Although this is classed as a woody fragrance, it is incredibly fresh and clean and for me, leans more to a fresh citrus. Ultra Unisex, try a spray of this with California for a stunning layered scent.
  • Image taken from Ampersand Fragrances 

    Priced at £59.99, we invite you to embrace simplicity and authenticity by experiencing the captivating scents from Ampersand Fragrances, now available at Voni Blu.

    *Descriptions taken from Ampersand Fragrance document and webite 

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