Making a Statement

We have a collection of outfits to show you to make a statement, no matter where you are or plan on going. Making yourself feel good is key here at Voni Blu and we wanted to show off the pieces that make us feel special.
All available online now!
In order of appearance:
Bogota Dress by Gershon Bram at £159, with Valletta pants at 3139 and Venecia pumps at £99.99.
Xenia dress at £219.99, with Robell Marie jacquard trousers at £64.99 and Ania tank top at £149.
Same as before with Jane Lushka Nicole knotted top at £79.95.
Nicole knotted top in a different colour way with Robell Bella leo print trousers at £74.99.
Leo&Ugo Paris print t-shirt at £85 and Robell Marie capri pants at £39.99.

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